6 things to know before Studying abroad


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6 things to know before Studying abroad

6 things to know before Studying abroad


Studying abroad is a very crucial decision in a lot of students' lives. Getting started can be exciting yet it asks for a lot of patience and analysis. Being aware of the weight of expectations and the result, we advise you to take calculative decisions, it may be tricky to not choose a colorful life. Since a lot of money is invested in such plans, it’s essential to be aware of the system or is this even what you want after knowing the stakes involved. Let’s figure out and take the right actions without further delay.



A lot of students want to pursue their studies abroad for various reasons. Some go to get a work permit and a PR visa in the due course, some go there due to peer pressure. Rather than going to a foreign country for pride, the PR or the obvious reasons parents send for including the quality of education which stands genuine out of all, it is the thinking that widens, you start living on your own, you respect diversity, you get new perspectives, the world is not the nutshell around you. The faster you realise it, the easier it would be for you to develop in this changing world. It also develops a wide international network, which may come in handy at the later parts of the career.



Rather than the one single competitive exam-based approach we have in our country, foreign countries have a holistic approach to education and their selection process. It looks at your profile’s extracurricular activities, projects, research, recommendations and of course the essays. It’s necessary to be aware of this process and work accordingly because a lot of students from our nation are not aware that it’s not just that one exam you can crack and get in.



Plans to go abroad are easier when you sign yourselves to a consultation or an agency, but always remember that what differentiates an agent from a counselor is that they expose you to companies they are not in tie-up with, if they are not giving you that scope, they are not the one.





Studying abroad is not cheap, most of their students drop their plans to study abroad because of funding hurdles. Many students are unaware of the several options that are now available to every aspiring student to study abroad. Financial assistance through scholarships or student loans is a great way to get studying into your dream university.



In the desperation to go abroad, do not look at unfair means of procuring fradulent documents and this should be strictly avoided. Because in 2022, it's a tech world and forgery can be detected a mile away. If you get caught, you will be banned permanently from applying for a visa to that country.



Doing part-time jobs is good enough but the sole reason must be to get exposure to an international work environment. It is advisable to go for free internships and work pro-bono to gain local experience. It would be more beneficial if you aim to work in the related sector - even if you make less money.


Planning to study abroad can be overwhelming but with the right approach and guidance achieving this with flying colours is easy. Drop in your comments and thoughts or queries about studying abroad.


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