Changes in the IELTS Listening Test from Jan 2020


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Changes in the IELTS Listening Test from Jan 2020

Changes in the IELTS Listening Test from Jan 2020

The IELTS listening test will have the following changes starting from 4th January 2020.


Change 1; IELTS Listening Test

The word “sections” will now be referred to as “Parts”. Though there will be no change in the test format or the actual test, however, this is a piece of important information which test takers must know.

Change 2; IELTS Listening Test

The example played in Listening Part 1 will no longer be available. Usually, at the beginning of the test an example answer is given for the test-takers to listen at the beginning of the recording. This helps the test takers to get used to the accent and check the audio settings such as volume and clarity if headphones are used. However, this example has now been removed and the test takers will be straight away directed to answer 1. This is a very important change and the test takers must be prepared for this. They must listen carefully to the audio recordings from the beginning without expecting any example.




Change 3; IELTS Listening Test

Henceforth there will be no page numbers given for reference, however, there will be references to question numbers. Though it is not a huge change for the test-takers but this is something to be aware of.

Barring the Listening Test, there are no other changes to the IELTS. For more information about the IELTS test, please consult our expert counsellors. 

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