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Economics is the study of how markets and economies operate and the role of government in an economy. The Department of Economics offers a major, a minor, and a minor in financial economics through the Center for Financial Economics. Many students who take economics courses major in other disciplines as well.Economics students go in a variety of directions after graduation. Some go to graduate school in economics. Many others go to other professional schools, such as law school or medical school. Some students go into the workforce, in diverse areas such as finance, banking, private industry, government, or public service. The Department of Economics has an Economics Club, which brings Hopkins alumni and other professionals to campus to talk about their jobs and related career paths for economics majors.

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  • IELTS Overall: 7.0
  • TOEFL Overall: 100
  • SAT Score: 1490–1550
  • ACT Score: 33-34



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