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    Medical science is the foundation that the practice of medicine is built on. This degree delves into how the human body functions and responds to disease and drug treatments. It incorporates facets of several scientific disciplines to provide you with an extensive understanding of the human body.The Bachelor of Medical Science explores:the structure and chemistry of the cells that make up living organisms (cell & molecular biology and biochemistry)the structure and function of the human body (anatomy and physiology),the general processes leading to disease (pathology),the role of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms in disease (microbiology),drugs which are used to cure human diseases (pharmacology)the way in which our form and function is inherited (genetics),the processes of development from the fertilized ovum (embryology),the natural defenses of the body (immunology),the structure and function of the brain (neuroscience).This degree provides the basis for a career in biomedical research and is also an appropriate first degree if you’re planning to progress to graduate medical or paramedical degrees.

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    • IELTS Overall: 6.5
    • IELTS No Band Less Than: 6.0


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