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Our rich and challenging three-year BA Liberal Arts course allows you to explore the arts and humanities while building crucial skills in analysis and communication that will be valuable throughout your degree and beyond.The course combines in-depth study of a single discipline (your subject 'pathway') with the exploration of other subjects within the Faculty of Arts. This combination of depth and breadth enables you to develop innovative ways of thinking and provides you with an enviable range of abilities.In the first two years of your degree, you will devote at least a quarter of your studies to your subject pathway. Alongside this, you will be enrolled on a combination of bespoke core units exploring foundational and interdisciplinary issues in the arts and humanities, which may include the art of writing, the ways history shapes the present and the present shapes history, and concepts of nature and beauty. Additionally, you will study a language of your choice and learn how to visualise and understand data. You will also be able to take optional units from a wide range of arts and humanities disciplines.

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