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Take IELTS online at home!

Take IELTS online at home!

IELTS Indicator is a new online test designed by IELTS to support the test-takers during the COVID-19 situation to help students keep their education goals on track. It is an online IELTS test which can be taken at home by using a laptop or a desktop. This is an official IELTS test designed by IELTS to help students in some countries where the IELTS test has been cancelled or delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

IELTS Indicator Test

The test includes the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills, and the candidates will receive an indicative score for each. The candidates’ performance will be marked by IELTS examiners and the results will be available within seven days.

The test is available for a limited period time as the IELTS testing across many locations is currently suspended due to COVID-19. Educational institutions may use IELTS Indicator to help them gauge the English language ability of their future students while IELTS testing is suspended.


Be Careful!

As IELTS Indicator provides an indicative score only, it is not accepted by all education providers. Hence, before you jump at this new test to book your exam slot, be sure to check with your university or educational institution.

The details of test availability such as available locations (the test is available for a limited location where testing has been suspended due to COVID-19) details, fees, dates, time, etc for IELTS Indicator will be released on 22 April 2020. As of now, the IELTS Indicator Test will take place once a week till we hear further updates from IELTS official.

What do you need at home to take the IELTS Indicator Test?

Before booking your IELTS Indicator test, you must make sure to have the necessary equipment and the right set-up.

You need to have:

  • A quiet & comfortable space for the required length of the test. Once the Listening, Reading and Writing test begin, the test will run. You can not take a break as you neither can stop nor pause the test. The unwanted interruptions during the test at home will make you lose time and marks.
  • A laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC). The test takers cannot use a mobile or tablet to take the IELTS Indicator test.
  • A stable and reliable internet connection. You should not take this test if do not have a stable internet connection.
  • Speakers or headphones connected to your computer to listen during your Listening test. You must do a volume check and ensure that the device is working properly before you start the test.
  • A computer with a microphone to use during your Speaking test.


Does IELTS Indicator Test have all four skills?


 Surely, it does! This test will include one test for each section: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. 

As with a normal IELTS test, the time window will be strictly controlled, so each section will be time-bound. For example, you need to complete the writing test in one hour; not more or less. The test will be in one sitting, so be sure to be available for the full duration of the Listening, Reading and Writing sections – approximately 2 hours 40 minutes. The Speaking test will be conducted separately.

The IELTS Indicator Test will have the same functionalities as computer-delivered IELTS tests such as highlighting button, note-taking, drag, and drop. You may practice the free sample tests (for IELTS computer test) available on the IELTS BC website.

Official IELTS markers and examiners will mark this test under the same marking criteria as the IELTS test and the results of the IELTS Indicator test will be available to the candidates within 7 days. 

Will the IELTS Indicator score be accepted by my university or college?

For the format and difficulty level, it is the same as the other IELTS tests. However, IELTS Indicator can’t be replaced by an in-person IELTS test at a test centre, and may not be accepted by all institutions or education providers. It is highly recommended that you check with your respective university or education provider before you book the test. You must get a writing confirmation from the university or college that they will accept the IELTS Indicator results for the further processing of your application.


IELTS Academic or General Training?

At present, the IELTS Indicator is only available for the Academic test as this online test has been designed to support students’ progress in their University and Educational Institution applications during the COVID-19 crisis and has not been developed for migration purposes. However, we need to wait to hear more updates from the IELTS official.




The Online IELTS Speaking Test!

The IELTS Indicator is an official IELTS product that has all four sections including the speaking test. The speaking test will be conducted by an examiner over your computer with a video call by using a microphone. Which means, the speaking test is still a face-to-face interview by the examiner. Hence, you must use a good quality microphone and check the set up including the volume control and internet connection for proper video quality. You may have a pencil and paper ready to make notes in speaking part 2.

How to book the IELTS Indicator Test?

Make sure the results are accepted by the university or college that you have applied before you plan to book the test. The bookings for this new test will begin on 22 April 2020.


You may check the Frequently Asked Questions section to understand more about the test.

Note to the Test Takers

Please read and understand the official page carefully. As IELTS Indicator provides an indicative score only, it may not be accepted by all educational institutions or organisations. Before you book and pay the test fees, be sure to check with your university or educational institution.

Do let us know if you need any further assistance for your general or academic IELTS examination preparation. Our IELTS trainers will guide you with all the information and exam strategies that you need, and also help you hone your skills so that you achieve a higher band score. Why don’t you consult our counselors? Our counselors will guide you with the information that you need – Whether it’s about applying for a course or applying at a country that fits your budget and academic needs. Also, we will connect you with our IELTS trainers who will guide you achieve a higher band score in IELTS.


All the Best!